What Every Canadian Should Know about Colonialism - is a dynamic multi media-fueled workshop that explores the history and impacts of colonialism in Canada. 
The goal of this workshop is to provide a more in-depth understanding (cause and effect) of the socio-economic challenges that exist within many Indigenous communities across Canada today.
In this workshop, Matt combines short documentary films & facilitated discussion to deliver a unique and powerful educational experience. Participants will have an increased understanding of the history of treaties, the legacy of Residential Schools, the Sixty Scoop, and the ongoing impacts and effects of colonialism on Indigenous Communities across Canada. Target audience: educators, public servants, corporate executives, anyone who is working with Indigenous communities.


The Matt LeMay Collection is now available for purchase at McIntyre Media. www.mcintyre.ca The collection consists of 17 programs produced by award-winning, Métis filmmaker, Matt LeMay. Matt’s programs provide insight into the Indigenous people of Canada and examine the ongoing discussions on sustainability and climate change. We have five new films available to view on Amazon Prime in the UK and USA.